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FAQs + My Answers

1 - Do you deliver unedited images (RAWs)?

My photography begins with my camera and ends with my editing. I hand edit every single image you select to be a top quality artistic product. In a time when Instagram and TikTok make filters the norm, my final images are not the product of a simple click and done filter. I carefully adjust the color tones, hues, luminance, and exposure of each area of a photograph in order to create dimension, focal points, creamy skin tones, and beautifully enhanced eyes. Since my photos are a representation of my skill as a photographer and I value true artwork, I do not deliver unedited images.

2 - How long will it take to receive my gallery?

In your contract, I note the delivery time. If you choose to purchase a full gallery, I hand edit every image, so it takes about 2-3 weeks for delivery time. If you choose a select number of images, then I usually get your proof gallery out within 1-2 weeks of your session. You will then choose your selected number of images and then I take an additional 1-2 weeks for final edits. There are certainly plenty of times when I deliver ahead of my deadline, but if you prefer to have rush delivery, there is a fee of $250 plus tax.

3 - Can I order prints or print my photos on my own?

When you receive your gallery, you have access to my exclusive, professional quality grade shop. You can order almost anything you could think of with your images on them. Calendars, canvases, albums, prints, etc. Your artwork will be delivered straight to your house and you’ll get access to printing companies that work directly with professional photographers. Also included in all my collections is a full print release, so you can take them to third party printing services as you’d like. Please feel free to ask for my recommendations if you choose this route, as some printing options (like those in drugstores) will alter your color grading and jack up the images. Trust me, you don’t want to waste precious time or money on poor printing. It can be so disappointing.

4 - Do I change on site or ahead of time?

If you choose a collection with access to my client closet and select one of my pieces for your session, you will be changing in and out onsite. Most of the locations we choose will either be secluded enough to provide privacy or be close to public restrooms you can utilize before and after our session. When you choose to wear a client closet item, we will meet 15 minutes prior to your session time in order to give you time to change. I clean all items between sessions at no cost to you, so feel free to get into the session without worry of how to get the dirt out. :) If you choose to wear your own clothing with my styling guidance, just come ready to go straight to shooting. :) We will typically park nearby the location so there’s no need to change there unless you have an outfit change planned with me ahead of time.

5 - How do I pay you?

Clients pay a deposit to reserve their time and date via an online booking link, with either a card or with an in-person cash payment. The remaining balance is due the day before your session. If complete payment is not made 24 hours before our session, you will forfeit your reserved time and I will not be on location to photograph. I send out a reminder email ahead of the deadline in order to prompt you to make final payments. My goal is to not have to cancel our appointment, so I do my best to communicate ahead of time within a reasonable manner, however payment is required for me to arrive at our selected location and time.

6 - Do you offer payment plans?

I believe with my heart of hearts that everyone deserves quality family photos and, girl, budgets are REAL (and smart), so I have made payment plans available. Just inquire specifically for this option if it is something you’d prefer. All sessions will be scheduled after final payment has been processed.

7 - Do you charge travel fees?

I am local to Williamsburg, VA and any drive time beyond 60 minutes from my location will be subject to additional travel fees. The fees will vary with the cost of gas, so just let me know where you want me, and I can share the rate. This is just to cover cost of time and gas, so nothing cray. ;)

8 - Do you offer teacher, military, or emergency service discounts?

I offer a 5% discount on all collections for teachers, military, and emergency service families. Huge thank you to all of you who serve our community with such selfless professions. <3 Genuinely, thank you.

9 - Why do you charge tax? I am a licensed and legitimate business within the state of Virginia. This lovely legitimacy means I also report my income and am subject to paying taxes on every dollar that comes my way for photographs. Fun stuff, I know.

10 - Are deposits refundable? What happens if I reschedule?

In the event that you have paid your deposit upon booking and have to cancel your session, the deposit payment amount is non-refundable. This payment secures your date and time which then prevents me from booking another client during that time. Since I generally only shoot at golden hour which happens once a day, I have likely turned away clients for your reserved time. Rescheduling a session once, no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time, does not result in a fee because life happens.* Continued rescheduling at no fault of my own and outside of weather-required reschedules, will result in a $100 fee per incident.

*Sick kids IS a reason to reschedule. I value my health and want to protect my children from sickness, so please keep me posted if you or any family member does not feel well. This is a totally understandable reason to reschedule and I will work with ya. I’m a mama too, so I know how yucky these kid viruses can be. Plus we don’t want to capture miserable kiddos in all your pictures, so let’s make sure we are setting them up for success.


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