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How Color Impacts Your Photos

Getting the wow factor that you see in vibrant and bold colors doesn't happen by chance. Choosing colors that will make a statement and bring the impact that I edit for is key.

If you don't wear the colors I recommend to you during our consultation and styling process, your images just won't look the same. I can still make them pretty, but a lack of warm and flattering colors just won't provide the full potential of the photos you've invested in.

We will discuss your location, time of day, expected weather, and season while we have our phone consultation during your booking process. These elements all affect your end result and how we will pull together your ideal color palette.

When you receive my styling guide, I often say that the color palette page is the most important section of the guide!

If you choose a lot of cool tones, the images can look cold and somewhat somber. The warmer your outfit, the happier and more pleasant your images will feel emotionally; it can even directly affect your mood. The impact of colors goes back to Sir Isaac Newton and his foundational study of color theory. Pretty cool, isn't it?

Interior and graphic designers study color theory and its psychological effects at length throughout their studies.

So which colors look great in photos? Complimentary colors can be great, but I like to keep that between your outfit and our location. Monochrome palettes are great for an organic, earthy feel when there are lots of browns and oranges about; like wintertime. Overall, I tend to go more towards tertiary and triad color palettes. These are colors that balance one another more-so than fight for your attention.

In both of the images above, you'll find a triad color palette of blue, orange, and green. These colors work so well together, that you might find them in all kinds of ways. Add in some rust or mustard colors and now you have tertiary color palette of similar colors as well as some contrasting split-complimentary colors!

To keep it simple, we usually start with one outfit and build the rest of the family from there. Similar colors - try to keep it to three or four - and maybe a couple patterns, as long as they don't fight against one another. Like florals and wide stripes can work in the same grouping, but you wouldn't want plaid and paisleys next to each other.

All in all, styling is usually a drastically underrated and intimidating aspect of planning family photos. My process allows you to take that off your plate and I will style your family for you, top to bottom if you need me to. If you prefer a more hands-on approach to your family wardrobe, I can also help you decide on your outfit of choice, whether that is one of my client closet pieces or a link to a beautiful dress online. Then, I can send you a mood board with an overall vibe, links to what I recommend for each family member, and we can collaborate through texts.

It won't be difficult to get the style of photography I provide and to make the photos of your Pinterest dreams come true. So let's make this happen and get to picking those outfits! I absolutely love this part and it gets me so pumped to get to your session date!


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