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Get To Know Me!

My name is Ariana and I’m the owner and photographer of Lydieth V Photography! ….I had a whole paragraph typed up about my family and kids, but first I wanted to tell you about ME! As wives and mothers, I think it’s so important to remember that we are individuals outside of our families. It’s something I’m working on. ;)

So anyway, about me.. I’ve always been a creative person and a lot of that is thanks to my hippie parents for raising me to appreciate different cultures, history, and artwork of all types. I am a visual learner and an enneagram one, so for me, creating art has to be authentic, realistic, genuine, and meaningful. I am an advocate for equality, inclusiveness, and women’s rights. I connect with mother nature and the divine by hiking trails, sitting by the water, and watching the clouds drift through the sky. I’m okay admitting my flaws and I will shout from the rooftops in support of the women around me.

I crave coffee at all the wrong times of day and love a good fire in the woods. I go to the gym most mornings after my daughter gets on the bus and then I am usually editing photos with my son in my lap. He loves watching me bounce through photos of smiling faces and watching the colors pop! I listen to all kinds of music, from death metal (love me some Cannibal Corpse) to Selena Gomez.. Seriously. I used to live for Warped Tour. Ah, metal concerts at 11am in a 105 degree heat index. Although, if you hopped in my car on the way to your session, you’d probably find me belting out some 90s country. My favorite past times are exploring new trails in the woods, reading mystery books, watching RHOBH (IFYKYK), and literally anything true crime & murder related. Morbid & Crime Junkie are my favorite non-photography related podcasts.

I have a sweet husband, Raul and we have two kiddos: Adair, 8 & Giovani, >1. :) We love going on glamping trips in our 29’ camper and long beach days. We live in Williamsburg and our close family lives throughout VA, NC, and TX. Visiting the Texas fam is something we try to do a couple times a year so they don’t miss our babies growing up so fast.

Welp, that’s me! I am so excited to get to know you and become friends!!


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