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Looking For An Affordable Photographer?

Google Search: Affordable Family Photographer Near Me

Being honest, we are all looking for a deal. Whether it's at the grocery store, shopping between greek yogurt prices - they all taste the same, right? - or when you're looking for a new auto repair shop. We all want good prices. We all want our hard earned money to go as far as it can. So what makes an affordable photographer affordable in the first place?

Documenting your relationship and children with professional photos is a luxury expense, but we all deserve to have beautiful photos of our lifetime together to cherish and look back on. There isn't a bone in my body that believes it should be reserved for those deemed financially worthy. That's just not why I do photography. Every single mom, every single dad, every single child deserves to have quality images of their childhood and family to remember them by.

When you look for an affordable photographer, you might have a budget in mind or a specific number of images you'd prefer. When that's all you're considering, it might seem simple to choose the right package offered by a few of your local photographers. BUT, have you considered the extra costs like a new dress for you, your kids' outfits, hubby's new shirt, styling time, a new hat, jewelry, shoes, new lipstick, a sweater...etc. These are things that add up quickly! My collections include wardrobe for your family! This completely takes away a huge hidden cost you might not have otherwise thought of until AFTER selecting your photographer.

Let's break it down and style an average family just so you can see the value in real examples.

Family of 4 - Mama, Dad, Daughter, Son.

Mama Dress: $70-300

Dad: $60-150

Daughter: $40-150

Son: $50-150

If you add all of that up - even with some of those pieces on sale, you're looking at about $300-600 in clothing for your family. If you choose to work with me, I've got access to beautiful gowns, sweaters, dresses, and pieces for children that will help knock off hundreds of dollars in expenses. If you don't see what you would prefer within my Client Closet pieces, I'll even order something special just for you!*

So when you search for an affordable photographer, consider the "hidden expenses" and look for someone who offers a Client Closet and additional styling assistance. I'm constantly looking at what's on sale in preferred colors, styles, and stores. I have the knowledge to piece things together that will look amazing on YOU on camera and will edit beautifully with my style. We can collaborate to create an authentic look that will be timeless and stand out on your wall or social medias. No doubt, you'll get the best bang for your buck when you go with me and utilize my Client Closet. Not to mention, the ease of not having to stressfully order pieces for every single person and make sure they all coordinate properly. I've got you!

I cannot wait to style your family and make your affordable family photos come to life!

*To be able to order pieces special for your session, book at least 4 weeks in advance.


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