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What Is Emotive Photography?

When you see the words "emotive photography" all over my website, I totally understand not knowing exactly what the heck that means. I probably wouldn't know if I wasn't a part of the photography world, myself.

Emotive photography is what we call photography that captures raw emotion and connection, rather than stiff poses and fake smiles. We want to embrace the power of moments within your family or your relationship. Your story is there and it's becoming more important than ever to really capture the essence of who you are with your professional photos.

We can snap a selfie on our phone of smiles and perceived happiness anytime. But who gets to see the real us? When do we get images of us enjoying the moment with our loved ones? With our kids? We might capture their goofy smiles or them playing candidly in the grass, but who ever takes those pictures of us?

Our lives are not always "cheese" moments for us to share.

This is where I come in. My passion and drive for photography stems from feeling the pain points of being "the family photographer" even before I bought my amazing camera. It was always me taking pictures of my kids climbing on their dad or of them playing with bubbles in the backyard. Moms also deserve to be documented. We deserve our place on the family wall or in the photo albums. Or maybe if we had these images at all, we might have those things in the first place!!

When you work with me, you not only get the basic poses you'd want to share with mom or on a holiday card, but you will mostly get gorgeously framed and hand-edited photographs that you'll want to cherish for a lifetime. These moments are fleeting, so make sure you are documented and seen. As your photographer, I promise I will see you.


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